Cooling Off

cool-pool-mosaicWith Summer at its peak, a swimming pool on the terrace or in the backyard, is a great reason to have friends over for a zany party.

Get it right: Your first task is to find someone with relevant expertise, a pool builder, if you please! Remember: It’s important to check the credentials of the contractor to ensure the job is done well.

Shape it up: Oval, round, square, rectangular — aim for a pool that is practical for grown-ups as well as children. Also, check depth before deciding shape and size. Create a checklist and do your homework well. You can also plan comfortable seating options around the pool for a relaxing ambience.

Choice of materials: Pick from concrete, fibreglass or vinyl. Advantage with concrete pools is that it can be moulded into any shape whereas
fibreglass and vinyl contribute with hassle-free installation. Moneywise: The budget you keep aside for the pool should include factors like
landscaping, plumbing and electrical works. Also, whether you are planning to build a pool outdoors or indoors will dictate how much you spend. Keep in mind that your cost factor will revolve around
elements like depth in square feet, shape, size and material


Be energy efficient: A pool with filtration problems is a big burden on the environment. Look into it before you start. Frequent changing of pool water should be prohibited.

overflow-poolOverflow: Usually these are large pools sprawled over
1,000sqft area. The water height is at deck level, and water overflows continuously into channels laid along the outer periphery. From here, the water is circulated back into the pool after adequate filtration.
Skimmer: Usually, these are smaller pools. The water level is lower than the overflow pool and water flows from the pool into the channels (called
skimmers) provided within the pool walls. The skimmer has a net which prevents foreign particles from entering.

skimmer-poolScum channel: These pools spread over an area, less than 1,000sqft; however the water is at deck level. Scum channels are provided at the

pool’s edge, invisible to the swimmer, and the water is circulated back into the pool after adequate filtration. Infinity edge or vanishing
edge: These visually stunning pools are built in a way that the water level
and deck level are the same, but one edge of the pool
seems to merge with the horizon. The water spills over the vanishing edge down into a catch basin, from where it is pumped back into the pool.


pool-maintenanceIf you choose to micro customise your pool to create
your own pool theme, the cost may amount to nearly 40 per cent more. Within this cost, you can choose special decking as per the overall
theme of your outdoor space. A heat pump that makes for a lovely warm soak/swim will cost you approximately `5 lakhs, offering you the option to swim in Winter. A hydrotherapy spa bed or seating is likely to cost
around $80,000.



pool-vacuumThe filtration unit of the pool needs to be working at all the
times. There are drains at the bottom of the deepest end
of the pool that suck in water continuously and send it to the
filtration system. There are also drains at the top edges that
suck the surface water (where lighter debris floats) and send it
to the filtration system. Most filters in apartment complexes are high-rate sand filters, which are large tanks containing a thick bed of
special grade sand. The water first goes through a strainer that filters larger debris like dry leaves, and then goes through
this sand filter where finer dirt particles are caught. Water is then fed back into the pool. To dislodge and clean fine dust settled on the pool floor, a
pool vacuum cleaner is used. In that, it can be pointed to
the specific dirt-laden areas to suck the water in and send it to the filtration system. Pool vacuuming needs to be done at least once a week.
To get rid of bacteria and other pathogens that breed in water, the pool is ‘treated’ with chlorine — the pool disinfectant. Chlorine in its granular for liquid form is added at the juncture when filtered water enters the pool. Chlorine in water forms hypochlorous acid which kills bacteria and other pathogens.


Chemicals are used to maintain the pH balance of the pool water. Time and effort applied during the planning and commissioning stage pays real dividends in terms of long-term enjoyment of your swimming pool. Alternative purification methods such as the use of ozonators ensure that modern pools can be safely sanitised with fewer harsh chemicals.