The power of cleaning intelligence – this is the descriptive phrase that Maytronics use to label the Dolphin Dynamic Plus pool cleaner. Built with advanced and state-of-the art components, gone are the days when the pool owner have to spend so much time of cleaning the stubborn dirt, leaves, algae, and sand from the pool because now, the job can become a breeze by simply using this device to sanitize the entire pool area; including the walls, waterline, and floors of an in-ground pool.

Just like other Dolphin pool cleaner models, it can proficiently scrub, brush, vacuum, and filter any pools with up to 12 meters length. The Dynamic Plus’ motor is a dual-type, which means it is guaranteed to provide precise performance and better maneuverability. And because no one likes algae and bacteria in the pool, this device completely eliminates them for you. To do so, it uses an ultrafine micronic filter bag, which collects any contaminants in the pool, regardless how small they are.

Obviously, Maytronics does not call the Dolphin Dynamic Plus “intelligent” for no reason. The reason behind this quality is the advanced scanning software it possesses, which ensures accurate pool coverage and diagnosis. And when combined with a user-friendly wireless remote control with joystick command, the user can easily select his/her preference on cycle time, climbing frequency, and filtering and cleaning option.

The Dynamic Plus is designed with split brushes on the back and front, which allows it to turn as it scrubs, brushes, or vacuums the pool floor. Amazingly, it can filter as much as 4,300 gallons of pool water so even if your pool contains this much, it can still stay fresh and clean.

Once you buy a Dolphin Dynamic Plus, you can choose between two to three hours of cycle time. Its low voltage motor consumes less electricity, so you won’t have to worry about increasing electricity bills. Additionally, it has a patented swivel to eliminate the hassles of cable tangling. But that is not all – you also get a clogged filter bag indicator and carrying caddy, along with a 36-month warranty.


The Dolphin Dynamic Plus garners a 4.5 average rating out of 5 stars based on its features and performance. When purchasing a Dynamic Plus pool cleaner, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1000 to $1200.


The Dolphin Dynamic Plus pool cleaner is a must-have cleaning equipment and investing on it will ensure the cleanliness of your pool for several years. Purchase a unit today and surely, you’ll never regret buying it.