If you are looking for something that sets the standard on robotic pool cleaners, then you are pertaining to the Dolphin Supreme M5. Unmatched cleaning power and features – here are just some of the reasons why you should buy this dynamic performer. Strategically, the Supreme M5 is designed to eliminate all the hard work on pool cleaning, thus providing amazing results each time you use it.


The motor that the Dolphin Supreme M5 has is a low-voltage and dual-drive type, which can be controlled conveniently via remote control that lets you choose your cleaning cycle preference, filtration type, and climbing or non-climbing option. For superior cleaning performance, it is made with a split brush technology and an underside active brush. Hence, it is twice as efficient in cleaning the entire pool floor, walls, and waterline, no matter what shape, size, slope or obstacles your pool may have. Additionally, it does not only remove dirt and sand, but algae and bacteria as well, thanks to its rigorous brushing and scrubbing movement.

By using the Supreme M5, you’ll save significantly on energy and money. This is because of its low-voltage motor and fast-cleaning capability that completes the cleaning cycle in a shorter period of time. The unit is also created with a delay mechanism, which lets you schedule the cleaning cycle on any hour daytime or night time.

The Dolphin Supreme M5 uses the three-filtration feature, which allows the user to choose on different options including ultrafine, disposable ultrafine, or coarse. In this manner, the different needs of every pool are adequately covered, whether it is under ongoing pool maintenance or spring cleaning.

Another excellent feature of Supreme M5 is the one-way water valve. Because of this feature, debris can’t possibly escape from the filter bag and rapid water drainage is ensured. And because it has a top-opening compartment, you can easily access the filtration system, as well as maintain it when needed.

When a component needs to be replaced, the user can easily do the fixing on his own. Well, this should occur rarely, as most parts of the unit are patented and backed with a 3-year warranty. Additionally, the unit comes with clogged filter bag indicator and a carrying caddy for extra convenience.


The Dolphin Supreme M5 costs around $1,300, depending on the distributor. When evaluated for quality, performance, and unique features, the device got a general average rating of 4 out of 5 stars.


Based on the features and numerous benefits it has to give, the Dolphin Supreme M5 is considered a good buy. Purchase one from your local store or favorite shopping website, and enjoy a convenient and sparkling pool