If you are thinking of having a swimming pool in your dream home then you need to know that you have to maintain and clean it regularly as well. A pool cleaning device will keep your swimming pool in clean since cleanliness and freshness of the pool water is very important.

It really sounds like a lot of work when you think about cleaning the swimming pool manually at regular intervals. Seems overwhelming, doesn’t it? That’s why an automatic pool cleaning device such as Dolphin Pool Cleaners are essential for your swimming pool cleaning needs. Purchasing an automatic pool cleaner made by Dolphin is definitely worth your consideration.

There are different pool cleaners that come under the Dolphin Pool Cleaners brand. It would be best to think about your precise needs. Basically you have to consider two particular cleaners that will automatically clean your pool effectively. It must be energy efficient and time saving and it must be capable of save your stress of doing the cleaning job manually.

There are lots of automatic pool cleaner devices available in the market. The some of the models under the Dolphin brand are known as DX5B and DX3 automatic pool cleaners. To help you make a decision, you should know the characteristics and the particulars of these Dolphin Pool Cleaners.

If your swimming pool is large one then you should consider the Dolphin DX5B automatic pool cleaner. This kind of automatic pool cleaner effectively cleans the water of a large size swimming pool where you and your friends can jump in together with ease. It is battery powered and it doesn’t have a power chord. It’s in high demand because of its energy saving design and is one of the popular models in the Dolphin Pool Cleaners range.

The Dolphin DX5B automatic pool cleaner is a device controlled by remote. These Dolphin pool cleaners are available in the market and you can buy this automatic pool cleaner from a supply store by spending approximately $3000.

If you are having a small size swimming pool and your budget is less then you can go for the Dolphin DX3 automatic pool cleaner device. It effectively cleans the water and makes it fresh for a small size swimming pool.

This kind of cleaner is also energy saving as it’s powered by a battery as well. The DX3 automatic pool cleaner is also remote controlled like Dolphin DX5B. This kind of device is available in the market and is priced at approximately $600, more or less. An affordable amount that let’s you keep your small size swimming pool clean and fresh.

It is a good decision to purchase an automatic Dolphin Pool Cleaners if you are worried about maintaining your swimming pool. You can easily choose from the Dolphin Pool Cleaners line whichever meets your specific needs. These all automatic pool cleaners will clear all the debris from your swimming pool and make the water fresh irrespective of the pool being large or small. So just visit your nearest pool supply store and grab one.

Please note that the price quotes given above are based on the present market price at the time of writing. Be sure to check your local pool shop for the current prices on Dolphin Pool Cleaners.